33 and a half
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I want to live life and draw it but I tend to be lazy at the best of times. I obsess over the decay of the world and the evil hidden in the sea and I wouldn't want it any other way. I love lines and rusted colours which could maybe be my down fall. I don't aim to impress, but eventually I'll have to.

Steampunk. Alchemy. Bioshock. Xbox360.

Busy busy busy

My tumblr has been pretty quiet because I’ve had such a busy couple of weeks but I’m gunna try post some stuff as soon as possible.
Working on a project for something pretty cool too.

For today though… Epic holiday prep is goin down!

One year ago.

Tonight marks the year since I made the worst decision of my life. Literally the worst thing that effected me in the worst way.

But look how far I’ve come from the months that followed.
I’ve gained my weight back. I have actual strength in my muscles and I’ve got so many hobbies going.
Holidays to look forward to, starting this weekend and more I’m planning with the most supportive and understanding person I could have met at the right time.

My life is probably at it’s most stable . I’m happy. Apart from the times where the past takes its physical and emotional effects…
…I’m in a great place.

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